Printing and Apparel Decorating

We believe in brand integrity and consistency. Our pet peeve is watching a brand stray from its brand assets. After a brief stint in the promotional marketing field. Wise Bear founder Jake Britton saw this so often! A orange logo being decorated a weird red. A embroidered hat where the decorator left off the that special brand “mark” Business card, sales brochure or mail flyers being printed with out color matching.
That is why Wise Bear has invested heavy in print and apparel decorating. We are proud to offer a everything from Vinyl decals to screen printing. From basic business print tools like business cards and sales sheets, to large event banners and posters.

Print Services

From large format digital to direct mailers to custom packaging and promotional products, our print, promo, and packaging. Our team of experts are ready to turn your project into a thing of beauty.

Apparel Decorating

Specialized printing for Hats, T-shirts, Hoodies, Tanks, Signs, Koozies, Flags, and More. Always: Personalized, Hand-Printed, Hand-Inspected by our friends at Third Coast Creative.

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